At Scissors Craft, we have built up 13 years' experience in the hair and beauty industry. As such we pride ourselves on our equipment choice and knowledge, especially when it comes to hairdressing scissors and Scissors sharpening services. If you are new to hair cutting we can offer you an impartial guide in helping you choose the pair of scissors most suited to you. For professional, we have a vast array of top quality branded scissors and other professional dressing tools to offer. Because we understand the importance of the quality of your scissors, we follow up all our purchases with an outstanding after-sales service and commitment to customer care from a company you can depend.

Well Known Brands
We stock a huge range of hairdressing tools which including Passion Scissors, Nikko Scissors, Kasho Scissors, Osaka Scissors, Clippers, YS Park Combs, Brushes, Clips and leather cases & pouches.

Scissors Maintenance
Top quality hairdressing scissors require needs top quality care. Our Professional Japanese technicians see many high quality hairdressing scissors that have been ruined beyond repair by poorly trained sharpeners. The Japanese technicians looks after your investment and extends the life of your scissors in our fully equipped service centre using both modern and century old traditional hand sharpening methods. We offer hand sharpening, blade re-alignment, spare part replacement and quality check on a same day turn round service promise on all makes of scissors - all backed by our guarantee. Apart from Postal repairs, we also offer a personal collect and return service.