Professional Hairdressers

As well as equipping individual hairdressers with top quality Japanese scissor, we have a full range YS Park Combs, Scissor and clips. We also specialise in Barbering Scissors & Combs. We are the main suppliers to the Headmasters hairdressing chain and academy.

We have added a new section , small but essential, supplying Specific Hair pins for Up Hair and Wedding Hair dos.

A new range of ( kasho ) Hair clippers and hairdryers has also been added to our inventory.


Your Essential Accessories

Your precious and expensive tool require special protection. We stock a wide range scissors pouches, tool rolls and  scissors cases.  With our big range, we have something to suit every stylist’s needs. At Scissors Craft, we are closely linked to our tool case manufacturers and  can therefore supply bespoke leather items in your own design, style and colours at very competitive rates. All inquiries are welcome.  


Scissors & hairdressing tools maintenance

High quality hairdressing scissors require top quality care. We often see many high quality expensive  hairdressing scissors that have been ruined beyond repair by unprofessional poor sharpening. Our Japanese scissors technicians looks after your investment and prolong the life of your scissors. We carry a big rang of genuine parts ensuring that your scissors receive the perfect service and care at no extra charge. We have one fixed service price of £----   for all scissors. We also offer collection and return service within central London and some surrounding areas. Our Postal service has a same day turn round for a quick return of your scissors, so that you are without your scissors for the least possible time.  


Great products, Great prices

So whether you're a student kitting yourself out for college or a professional Stylist or Barber looking for that special equipment, we can offer expert advice and supply all your requirements

We are constantly expanding our ranges and we keep a close check on prices to make sure that you get the best deal.