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Andis Clippers & Trimmers

Clippers & Trimmers

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  1. Andis FastTrim Personal Trimmer

    The Andis FastTrim Personal Trimmer is the perfect tool for intimate trimming, and being battery-operated, there's no flex to get in the way. The rotary motor gets to work right away!
  2. Andis US Pro Clipper

    The US market's an uncompromising place to grow up, so you can be sure that Andis's US Pro clipper wouldn't still be around if it couldn't (ahem) cut it. From its metallic red casing to its precision engineered blades, this is a quality, mains workhorse clipper for your salon or barber shop (N.B. its voltage has been adjusted to work in the UK and Europe).
  3. Andis Trend Setter II Clipper

    Get set for clipping that's ahead of the trend with Andis's powerful Trend Setter II mains clipper. Its quiet pivot motor has up to 4 times the power of comparable magnetic-motor clippers which makes it perfect for slicing, chopping, fading and bulk hair removal.
  4. Andis T-Liner Combo Cordless Hair Clipper / Trimmer

    This smart-looking clipper from Andis gives you all the convenience of a cordless hair clipper and, with a simple switch of its supplied snap-on blades, you can transform it into an equally convenient hair trimmer. Such versatility means you can now do all your clipping and trimming with just one tool.
  5. Andis Superliner+ Trim & Shave Kit

    Andis's Superliner+ Trim & Shave Kit (formerly the T-Outliner Trim & Shave Kit) is an all-black version of the Andis Superliner teamed with a double-foil shaver attachment which gives it superb versatility for outlining, detailing, shaving and shaping.
  6. Andis Superliner Trimmer

    The Andis Superliner Trimmer is an ultra-close cutting trimmer that's perfect for outlining, detailing and shaping around the nape and ears. It's supplied with a detachable stainless steel T-Blade with a cutting length of just 0.1 mm.
  7. Andis Slimline Pro Lithium Ion Trimmer

    The Andis Slimline Pro Lithium Ion features the lightweight, sleek design that's the hallmark of Andis trimmers. It houses an improved motor with better speed, power and life for better efficiency and reliability.
  8. Andis Slimline Ion Cordless Trimmer

    The Andis Slimline Ion is the third of the Slimline series, but the first to feature lithium ion battery technology. That gives you cordless trimming for up to 2 hours with a full-recharge time of just 2 hours as well.
  9. Andis ProFoil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver (TS-1)

    The Andis ProFoil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver combines a lithium ion power pack with hypo-allergenic foil and staggered-head shaver blades. Its compact shape and light weight (142 grams) make it easy to use and perfect for travelling.
  10. Andis MVP Clipper

    The Andis MVP will quickly live up to its name as your shop's Most Valuable Player. Built around a powerful rotary motor, it'll tackle all clipping and barbering work on wet or dry hair.
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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total