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Our Professional Hair Styling Tools for Professional Hairdresser are more durable and effective because they are designed for daily salon use.

Hair Styling Tools

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  1. Finger Rings

    Finger Rings
  2. Diffuser

    Lightweight & compact, the YS PARK METAL MESH DIFFUSER is great for stylists on the go. The mesh fabric contains silver and titanium particles which heat up and retain heat changing the blowdry blast into a softer manageable diffused heat. Clever Quick Adjust Strap for a secure fit on all dryer sizes. YS Park, Ideal for curls, and speeding up colour and treatment processes.
  3. StretchCollar

    Gently stretches to seal the neck from hair and chemicals. Skin-tight and water repellent. Coated to prevent hair sticking. Long-life guarantee. Made from 100% natural rubber. Super skin tight 0.3mm thickness.
  4. K-3 Black Leather Cloth

    Kasho Black Leather Cloth with logo for cleaning scissors blades
  5. K-7000 Oil Pen

    Pen shaped oil dispenser, ideal for applying a fine trace of oil to scissors blades after cleaning.
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5 Item(s)