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Buy Infinity Hairdressing Scissors at Scissors Craft. The highest quality professional hairdressing scissors at the lowest prices on the Internet.

Infinity Scissors

Set Descending Direction


10 Item(s)

  1. Infinity Academy Thinning Scissors

    Infinity Academy Thinning Scissors
  2. Infinity Rapier Thinning Scissors

    Infinity Rapier Thinning Scissors
  3. Infinity Rapier Scissors

    Infinity Rapier Scissors
  4. Infinity Cutlass Thinning Scissors

    Infinity Cutlass Thinning Scissors

    Regular Price: £95.00

    Special Price £76.00

  5. Infinity Cutlass Scissors

    Infinity Cutlass Scissors
  6. Infinity Barracuda Thinningg Scissors

    Infinity Barracuda Thinningg Scissors
  7. Infinity Barracuda Scissors

    Infinity Barracuda Scissors
  8. Infinity Eagle Thinning Scissors

    Infinity Eagle Thinning Scissors
  9. Infinity Eagle Scissors

    Infinity Eagle Scissors
  10. Infinity Piranha Scissors

    Infinity Piranha Scissors
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Set Descending Direction


10 Item(s)