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With two high quality scissors brands in the market, how could we overlook stylists with a small fixed budget . We believe that everyone should have a quality, but affordable scissors, regardless of their budget. So we came up with the Kyoto scissors . The Kyoto scissors was introduced to bring quality to the masses whether you are just starting out or simply on a budget. We have achieved this without compromising on the quality by using less expensive steel, whilst again, adopting the same manufacturing techniques as that of Passion and Osaka. By sticking to a simple design, we have driven down costs and passed the savings on to the consumer. The stainless steel alloy used, has been forged from a special blend of hardened steels which boasts the perfect mix of properties for cutting hair. The hardness of the blades ensures that the blades will hold razor sharp edges whilst the tensile strength added by forging allows the scissors to last longer between sharpening. 

Although the Kyoto scissors cost less, they are no less capable and can be used to slide cut as well perform all round cutting. Like its Passion and Osaka siblings, there are many models available in the Kyoto range to suit every stylists. We have also matched some of the cutting models with thinners in two popular sizes. And there are Lefty scissors and thinners for our Left Handed stylists too. As with bothe the Passion and Osaka scissors, Kyoto also comes with a lifetime guarantee (excludes service and misuse).

Shop for Kyoto Scissors and Kyoto Shears for hairdressing from the range of kyoto hair cutting scissors and kyoto hairdressing Scissors offered by Scissors Craft. Shop Now!

Kyoto Scissors

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  1. Kyoto Pink Scissors

    Kyoto Pink Hairdressing Scissor . The name is a little bit obvious but with the Pink what you see is what you get. A nifty scissor with all the hardness and tensile strength required to make it a razor sharp, lasting scissor.
  2. Kyoto Scissors

    This Kyoto Scissors is a Super value scissors of Kyoto Scissors . This Kyoto Scissors is Ideal introduction to slide cutting.
  3. Kyoto Sprint Scissors

    We're surprisingly fussy about our Kyoto Sprint Scissors. Bottom line is we don't want people thinking they're not as good as our other scissors.
  4. Kyoto Phoenix Scissors

    Kyoto Phoenix Scissors, When you combine style sense with money sense you get the PHOENIX. Rising out of the flames, the Kyoto range has got a new all round player.
  5. Kyoto Kujo Scissors

    Kyoto Kujo Scissor is a super value scissor offers by Kyoto. Kyoto Kujo Scissor is Ideal for slide cutting.
  6. Kyoto Rose Scissors

    Let a splash of rose gold add a bit of colour to your scissors pouch. The Kyoto Rose core is forged from steel and the outer casing is titanium so that not only are the blades extremely long lasting but so is the coating.
  7. Kyoto Rose Thinning Scissors

    Kyoto Rose Thinning Scissors is a Excellent performance 6in thinning 40th teeth / 25% cut, made from high grade stainless steel with striking titanium finish.
  8. Kyoto Sprint Thinning

    The Kyoto Sprint Thinning is no exception. It's forged from high carbon steel to give a lasting high quality cut and features an extra wide tail to give added support.
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