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Shop your favorite Hairdressing Nikko Scissors and Nikko Shears at Scissors Craft. Choose your favorite HairCutting Nikko Scissors and shop with confidence.

Nikko Scissors

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  1. Nikko Damascus Scissors

    Nikko Damascus Scissors forged from ATS314 cobalt core sandwiched in exotic layers of Damascus steel. Incredibly sharp blades ideal for precision cutting with ergonomic handles.
  2. Nikko Level Set

    Nikko Level Set Hair Cutting Scissor proves that simple things are often the best. The features a solid build ideal for range of different cutting techniques. Forged from sub-zero treated 440c stainless steel, the blades are guaranteed to glide through the thickest of hair
  3. Nikko Slim Sword Scissors

    Slim Sword Scissors is an ultimate slim blade model. You would be hard pushed to find a pair of scissors with a finer point. Ideal for precision cutting, the NIKKO Slim sword allows you to get really close to the skin, perfect for cutting in and around the ear or nape or simply where details matter.
  4. Nikko Offset Scissors

    Nikko Offset Scissors is Lightweight, smooth, flawless. NIKKO Offset brings together the best of NIKKO scissors design. First impressions make you believe it is simple in design, but first touch lets you know it sets itself apart from the rest! Guaranteed forged 440c stainless steel toughness combined with a feathery touch.
  5. Nikko Ergo Shears

    Nikko Ergo Shears give your hands a rest and let the scissors do the work. The NIKKO Ergo sits so perfectly in your hand that the blades feel like an extension of your body. Forged from sub-zero treated 440c stainless steel the Nikko Ergo offers razor sharpness suited to all styles of cutting.
  6. Nikko Titanium Black Scissors

    Nikko Titanium Black Scissors is a popular Nikko scissor in black titanium powder coating. This model has all the beefy qualities of its sister model but is cased in titanium for a sleeker look. Forged from sub-zero treated stainless steel.
  7. Nikko Ergo Cobalt

    Nikko Ergo Cobalt is very Smooth and sharp. The newest NIKKO Ergo Cobalt model come with a ball-bearing screw to make sure every single stroke of the blade feels like its slicing through warm butter. Forged from VG10 Cobalt for unparalleled crisp sharpness.
  8. Nikko Cobalt

    Flagship model of the Nikko scissor range. These scissors are forged from Cobalt Alloy for extreme sharpness. Enjoy effortless cutting which feels soft through the hair but crisp at the tips. It also features ergonomic design and a ball bearing screw for added smoothness.
  9. Nikko Cobalt YM

    Only the most experienced hands of our master craftsmen are selected to make the NIKKO Cobalt YM. Super hardened ATS 314 cobalt alloy has been forged into the most comfortable grip and perfectly balanced blades.
  10. Nikko Cobalt YK

    For those who prefer lighter, pointier scissors which are also razor sharp the NIKKO Cobalt YK offers all of the above and more!
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Items 1 to 10 of 14 total