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Following on from the elite Passion Scissors range, are the Osaka Scissors. Handmade in the same traditional manner, over decades in Japan. The same traditional forging technics combined with latest metal technology are used without compromising on the quality, by just using the highest grade of stainless steel.
Osaka scissors are made from 440C , forged stainless steel. The same manufacturing process as our Passion scissors are used with the Osaka range. Every scissors goes through at least two annealing processes where the metal is vacuum tempered and treated in sub-zero temperature of -70 degrees centigrade. The result is a HRC 60 hardened blade hollow ground and shaped to a concave surface.

The Osaka scissors was launched in a range to compliment Passion scissors, at a slightly lower budget with emphasises on comfort and affordability without skimping on quality. By modifying our production methods, we have managed to create a range that maintains our high standard. Each scissors is individually checked and comes with our lifetime guarantee (excludes service and misuse) giving you piece of mind.

Osaka scissors are available in a string of different designs, forms, models and sizes to suit every stylists. In addition to the standard fixed finger handles, we have the swivel -double axis thumb ring model. Complimenting the cutting models are a series of thinning scissors in 5.5in and 6.0in sizes And we haven’t forgotten the Left handed stylists. We do them in left hand too.

Find Best Quality Osaka Scissors for hair cutting and Osaka Shears for Professionals at Scissors Craft. Browse and buy our great value range of Osaka scissors.

Osaka Scissors

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  1. Osaka Super Ergo

    Osaka Super Ergo Hairdressing Scissors has a lot to feel smug about. Safe to say, in terms of design, we feel there?s not much room for improvement.
  2. Osaka Jet Scissors

    Osaka Jet Hair Cuttings Scissors is Sleek, slim & incredibly smooth. The Osaka Jet Hair Cuttings Scissors is perfect for precision cutting.
  3. Osaka Camo Scissors

    Osaka Camo Scissors is a cool edginess with its matte finish, but judging this model solely on looks does not do this scissors justice.
  4. Osaka A5 Barber

    Osaka A5 Barber Scissors has Longer blades essentially mean the ability to work faster. A5 Barber is the kind of scissors that can finish the job quicker.
  5. Osaka C4 Scissors

    Osaka C4 Hairdressing Scissors offers outstanding value for money. It's a no fuss model adapted to suit all levels of stylists. The super sharp blades have been hollow ground ensuring efficient power use and control.
  6. Osaka Bullet Scissors

    Osaka Bullet Hairdressing Scissors gives a nod to the old school with the classic level set handles, but the double fingerests throw some counterweight into the mix when giving off a sense of effortless cutting.
  7. Osaka A9 Titan Scissors

    Osaka A9 Titan Haircutting Scissors has a titanium coated body with a stepless adjustment tension screw. This makes these scissors excellent for all round cutting.
  8. Osaka Safari Scissors

    Osaka Safari Hair cutting Scissors is bringing sexy back. Titanium zebra handles and gem screws means Osaka Safari scissors has no intention of blending into obscurity.
  9. Osaka Mido Scissors

    Osaka Mido Hairdressing Scissors is a smart scissor combining comfort with an understated sleek design. The dipped thumb hole encourages freedom of movement for the hand when tapering and slicing. The finger holes are built smaller than average for better control and quick response. The finger rest curves up so that your little finger not only rests but pushes up against it naturally lifting up the blade tips at the other end. The blades are hollow ground for silky smooth cutting and razor sharpness.
  10. Osaka ICE Scissors

    Osaka ICE Hairdressing Scissors Age Cometh. Best selling OSAKA SUPER ERGO with an extra touch of bling. The ICE comes with eye-catching 3D gem screws.
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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total