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Passion Hairdressers Scissors have been handmade for over 5 decades in Japan, the origin country of high quality haircutting tools. Using traditional forging technics combined with latest metal technology, all Passion scissors are handmade and finished to the highest specifications-ensuring well balanced, superior quality precision haircutting tool. 

Passion Scissors are brought to you in three different materials, Keiun Damascus, V10, ATS & Takefu special Cobalt alloy and High carbon stainless steel.

With the Kieun Damascus scissors, we have put our best craftsmen, using exotic materials to bring back some ancient metallurgical process creating some completely new finishing techniques. Each pair of Damascus scissors has unique metallic flow patterns running through them so no two pairs are alike. Perfect scissors for everything.

Our Passion Cobalt scissors are some of the finest you can buy. We know this because we make them ourselves, in our own factories in Japan. We test them, get other people to test them, then we test them again. We know our scissors inside out and can proudly say that that they don’t get much better than that. A precision tool for all types of cutting.

If truth be told, Passion Stainless steel is actually one of the best materials for scissors. Made from Swedish sponge iron (a pure form of iron ore) in Japanese (Hitachi, Aichi steel)  foundries,  It’s got the right flex, it’s durable, high quality and not too expensive. An affordable all-rounder that speaks for itself, and a pair that’s available for every stylist’s needs

Every passion scissors is produced from forged steel, handmade clam shaped - concave surface -hollow ground blades, and finely tuned to bring you perfectly balanced precision haircutting tools. Every Passion scissors undergoes strenuous quality control, giving it a  lifetime guarantee backed by our second to none aftersales service - a piece of mind and confidence with your purchase. 

Passion Scissors

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  1. Passion Keiun Japanese Scissors

    Passion Keiun Scissor is Japanese for a view of clouds, and thats what youll see gracing the surface of these very special scissors made from Damascus steel
  2. Passion Original Offset Scissors

    Passion Original Offset Scissors is the longest running scissors model for Passion scissors, Original Offset can claim to be the most successful scissors model to date. The reason for its success is the workmanship that has gone into the design and the build of the "Original".
  3. Passion Zeta Hair Cutting Scissors

    Power and precision are the focus of this surprisingly lightweight scissors. Passion Zeta Hair Cutting Scissor is the latest addition to the Passion range and it features all the popular specs of its best selling models. Ball bearing screw, ergonomic grip, power distributing sword blade and off set handles. Excellent choice for all types of cutting.
  4. Passion Avanti Hairdressing Scissors

    Avanti Hairdressing Scissor was created following many requests for a Passion model with narrow tips. After the hugely successful Passion Offset, we thought the Avanti should be based around the same basic principles.
  5. Passion Microlight Hairdressing Scissors

    Passion Microlight Hairdressing Scissors is an ultra lightweight model. The alloy handles reduce weight in the hand but offer a luxury of space. The blades are extremely flat hollow ground clam blades, which translates into an acute blade angle for sharpness and reduced weight for agility.
  6. Passion Phantom Hair Cutting Scissors

    Passion Phantom Hair Cutting Scissors is a Dark and sleek scissor. The Passion Phantom Hair Cutting Scissor looks like a shadow in the middle of the night.
  7. Passion Cobalt Crown Scissors

    Passion Cobalt Crown Scissors packs a punch that most cobalt scissors lack. The lightness of Cobalt Alloy scissors are often praised but when it comes to achieving a super crisp cut with long blades, heavier blades take the stress away from your hand.
  8. Passion V10 Hairdressing Scissors

    Passion V10 Hairdressing Scissors gets its name from its material. Officially called VGold10 this unique formulation of steel was designed to maintain extreme sharpness and durability without becoming brittle, a major fault associated with exceptionally hard steel.
  9. Passion Super Cobalt Scissors

    Passion Super Cobalt Scissors II is a no nonsense cobalt scissor. It offers sheer simplicity in design and no skimping on material and craftsmanship. The classic offset handle encourages freedom of movement whilst the clam blade offers precision cutting.
  10. Passion Sword X Hairdressing Scissors

    Passion Sword X Hairdressing Scissors succeeds its predecessor with the same high quality blend of cobalt alloy but featuring a longer handle shank for those who appreciate extra room for a more comfortable grip.
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