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Shop Yasaka Hairdressing Scissors and Shears form UK at fantastic prices. Also check our full range of Yasaka Scissors. Buy these fantastic Japanese scissors at amazing price.

Yasaka Scissors

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  1. Yasaka Offset Scissors

    Instantly recognizable, Yasaka Offset Scissors have been serving generations of hair stylists who look for a no nonsense reliable pair of scissors.
  2. YASAKA Levelset Scissors

    The classic YASAKA Levelset Scissors is a design icon for hairstyling scissors. Often imitated but never bettered, this modern version answers to all the requirements a stylist could have. Lightweight, durable, reliable and razor sharp.
  3. Yasaka Cobalt Scissors

    Yasaka Cobalt Scissors is a cobalt version of the famous YASAKA mirrors the iconic shape of the original steel version. Levelset handles, but in a stronger one piece construction for a longer lasting salon life.
  4. Yasaka Hair Cutting Scissors

    Long before the fad for big scissors there was the Yasaka Hair Cutting Scissors, loved by barbers who appreciate lasting quality.
  5. Yasaka Thinning Scissors

    Yasaka Thinning Scissors: Loved the world over for decades, the YASAKA thinning range comes in 4 teeth variations for the stylist who is looking for more than the regular 30% thinner.
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5 Item(s)