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Buy Professional Hairdressing Scissors and Hair Cutting Scissors in UK. Shop for High Quality "Branded Scissors". Shop for Passion Scissors, Nikko Scissor, Kasho Scissors, Osaka Scissors, Kyoto Scissors, Yasaka Scissors, Thinning Scissors, Left Hand Scissors, YS Park, Pouches and Cases and Accessories at Scissors Craft.

Hairdressing Scissors

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  1. Nikko Barber Cobalt

    Nikko Barber Cobalt” – forged from low wearing Cobalt stainless steel alloy, the New Nikko Barber Cobalt is characterised by its high durability & hardness blades, a feature of high quality Japanese craftmanship.
  2. Passion Keiun Japanese Scissors

    Passion Keiun Scissor is Japanese for a view of clouds, and thats what youll see gracing the surface of these very special scissors made from Damascus steel
  3. Passion Alto YTK Scissors

    Passion Alto YTK Scissors defines everything Passion scissors stand for and we’re not ashamed to admit its one the products that we’re most proud of.
  4. Passion Cirrus Slim Scissors

    Passion Cirrus Slim Scissors has been designed for a more controlled approach to cutting. Not only does it excel in close-up technical work but the slim body is perfect for going into the hair when tapering.
  5. Passion Eclipse Scissors

    Passion Eclipse Scissors is the newest member of the Passion Premium Cobalt range. The elegant form is incredibly easy on the eye, but its when you open and close the blades you realize the Eclipse is in a class of its own.
  6. Passion Cobalt Orca Scissors

    AKA "The Beast" Passion Cobalt Orca Scissors is a monster o sor which can effortlessly chop through the thickest, most wiry hair in much the same way it would fine hair.
  7. Passion Arc Hairdressing Scissors

    Passion Arc Hairdressing Scissors took 16 months from conception to birth but it was worth the wait.Its crescent shaped blade drops a few extra degrees to reach the hair so you don’t have to.
  8. Passion Omega F Hairdressing Scissors

    Even after 10 years, the Passion Omega F Hairdressing Scissors and its unique mixture of the highest quality materials and exquisite handling is still our most popular Cobalt scissor.
  9. Passion Sword X Hairdressing Scissors

    Passion Sword X Hairdressing Scissors succeeds its predecessor with the same high quality blend of cobalt alloy but featuring a longer handle shank for those who appreciate extra room for a more comfortable grip.
  10. Passion Super Cobalt Scissors

    Passion Super Cobalt Scissors II is a no nonsense cobalt scissor. It offers sheer simplicity in design and no skimping on material and craftsmanship. The classic offset handle encourages freedom of movement whilst the clam blade offers precision cutting.
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Items 1 to 10 of 178 total